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Piano Restoration in affiliation with Rand Reeves- The Piano Place

Gail Palmer of Palmer Piano Service has sought out the mentorship of the areas finest in Piano Restoration.

Piano restoration is a living ‘old world craft’ that requires excellent tools, fine metals, old growth wood, paints and finishes applied with precision by skilled human hands.

Note: In all cases, piano restoration actually improves sound quality since the piano’s proper tone has been lost from age, neglect and/or abuse. With new strings, new hammers, and other various repaired or replaced parts, our customers are often completely surprised — and delighted — by the improved tone and sound quality of their restored piano. In fact, the improvement in sound quality is often the most cherished result of piano restoration. That, and the beauty of the restored piano cabinet.

If you have an instrument that may be in need of restoration or repair, please call us and we will gladly give you an objective opinion about your best option.

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