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Would you or your child like to learn to play the piano, but:

  • You don’t have one?
  • You don’t know how to start?
  • The piano would take up too much room?
  • Pianos are too expensive?
  • You don’t want to have to pay for moving, tuning, and upkeep?
  • You don’t know if you’ll keep going, and you don’t want to get stuck with an expensive instrument that you won’t use?

Even “free” pianos require moving ($250 & up), tuning twice a year (around $100 each time). Not only that, but if they are “free,” they usually are of poor sound quality and need repairs and adjustments.  New pianos start at $2,000 and only get more expensive.

What if you could rent a touch-sensitive, great-sounding digital piano, delivered* to your home, for only $60/month**?  We offer the Yamaha P-105, an excellent budget alternative to a traditional upright piano.  Compact, easily storable, and with great sound quality, it’s a great way to discover if the piano is the right instrument for you.

If you want to keep going, great!  Your monthly payments can go towards the purchase price of $1,250.  If you want to stop?  You can walk away, and we’ll come remove the piano at no cost to you.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn to play the piano, with no risk to you!  If you or your child have wanted to learn to play the piano, but you’ve been putting it off because you don’t have a piano, then renting from us could be just what you needed.

Call me today at 518-466-2341 to get started!

*Within 30 minutes of 44 Jenkins Road, Burnt Hills, NY

**Minimum of 6 months; this rental must be combined with six months of piano lessons from me (24 lessons).

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